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Protecting your plants in winter

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Most might not think about shopping for plants this time of year, but Dick Morris is shopping at Evergreen in Johnson City for some plants to spruce up his home.
"I came out to see what kind of things that they might have available that we be good mid-winter to grow. Something you can put in the house close by the windows and add a little bit of color," says Morris.
He tells News 5 this warm, then cold weather has had him worried about his outdoor plants.
"I was more concerned about my golden cypress because they had a terrible summer with the 100 degree heat and then all of this good water has kind of helped them but with weight of the ice on them. I didn't want them to break off while they're still so tender and small."

If you do notice ice on your plants, it's suggested you let it be, and don't try to knock it off. Because you can break the plant.
Freezing temperatures can be hard on your plants, but owners at Evergreen say the best way you can protect them, is by putting down mulch.
"Mulching keeps the soil from fluctuating temperature wise, so it doesn't react as much with warm and cool trends that occur," says Co-Owner Michael Valk.

He says there are some other ways you can protect your plants. "Covering, if you're gonna try to cover them, try not to use plastic, use fabrics, things of that nature, sometimes covers can actually cause a lot of heavier weight," says Valk.

If you are buying outdoor plants right now, Valk suggests trees or shrubs, because they will survive these temperatures.
Something Morris says he's kept in mind while shopping. "It feels like they've got to be pretty hardy on their own. If I have to go to that much trouble to cover them up and protect them from weather, in which they're supposed to live, then I probably have the wrong plant in the wrong place," says Morris.

Experts also tell us, the best thing to do while planting flowers, is to wait out winter, and not let the warm weather fool you.

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