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Proposed noise ordinance passes second reading

Proposed noise ordinance passes second reading

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Johnson City wants noisy establishments to be quieter, and a new proposed noise ordinance may make that wish a reality.

At Thursday's commission meeting, city leaders unanimously approved the ordinance's second reading.

The new proposed ordinance addresses C-level ambient noise, which is the low thumping sound created by loud music. The city claims the Electric Cowboy is what spawned their decision to revise the noise ordinance.

The proposed ordinance passed its second reading and just has one more to go before becoming official.

The city has already purchased equipment for Johnson City officers to measure the new noise levels and police will be trained on how to use them next week. 

The proposed ordinance doesn't just apply to establishments, but also cars. "When you pull up next to the car that is vibrating, with this ordinance they would actually be in violation of that ordinance if we chose to enforce that," says City Commissioner David Tomita.

We contacted the Electric Cowboy and they told us they had no comment. 

The next Johnson City commission meeting is in early October.

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