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Property assessed in Washington County, Tenn.

Property assessed in Washington County, Tenn.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Guy McCray is a Washington County, Tennessee part-time farmer and property owner.

"I think our taxes are too high," he said. "I think a lot of money is misused. As many houses as there are in Washington County, subdivisions going up there should be tons of tax money out there you know that our taxes shouldn't go up and be high."

McCray is watching with particular interest the just-completed countywide property reappraisal by the assessors office.

"We had a good appraisal," Assessor of Property Scott Buckingham said. "That gives us a chance to get out and look at over 60,000 parcels.

What it's determined by is by sales of the previous year. Overall, we had maybe a small decline of close to two percent in residential, but not everyone's went down. Commercial looks like may have went up just a little bit. Overall we had a good reappraisal."

Buckingham tells us it's important to stress that the reappraisal is for tax purposes only, so it probably doesn't reflect the true value of your house. If property owners feel their values are wrong, they can voice their opinion at the county board of equalization hearings during the month of June.

But, he says, based on the latest numbers, property owners could see a slight reduction in their taxes. "Their taxes could come down a little bit based upon the county commission setting the tax rate," Buckingham said.

That's welcome news for property owners like Guy McCray. "If it does go down anything, it helps," he said.

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