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Pool problems at new Johnson City Community Center

Pool problems in Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A beautiful community center open since December is attracting people looking for a chance to work out, join a group fitness class or even go for a swim, but the last week there hasn't been any swimming because this crystal clear water was once gray.

"It's something that happened during construction, which is not uncommon, but it's something to do with sealant. It causes this discoloration," says operations manager Amanda Hollifield.

The pool managers decided to fix the problem while the pools were under warranty, so that means closing the pools for a week, draining all three and making the necessary changes.

While repairs are being made managers also decided to do some other, minor fixes, like moving a ladder to make more room for lap swimmers.

When the pools re-open they should be good as new and that's just what aerobics instructor Kim McLeod wants to hear. "It feels good. It's good for every body type. You can drill it really hard or you can take it really hard, but it's excellent for joint issues or arthritis," she said.

We're told the pool is set to reopen Monday, March 4 and many people will be waiting, because we're told this is one of the main attractions at the new community center. "We've been very busy. The pool is a huge attraction for the community to come in and want to use it. It's been probably the biggest attraction in the building," adds Hollifield.

Until the pool here reopens swimmers will continue to use the pool at Freedom Hall.

The Memorial Park Community Center is open to everyone. You don't have to live in Johnson City to take part in the activities. For more information visit

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