Johnson City

Police officers take measures to stay safe in inclement weather

Police switch to 4 wheel drive in the snow

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - As the snow fell this morning, Officers were already out on the roads, keeping an eye out for anyone needing help. "This snow hit with people on their way to work and that usually makes it worse, said Lieutenant Gary Wiseman of the Washington County, Tennessee Sheriff's Department.

But we learned as Washington County, Tennessee turned into a winter wonderland, other arrangements had to be made. "The officers went to check their zones and then started calling in to the Sergeant because they needed to switch to 4-wheel-drives.

Lieutenant Wiseman said they use the cars to keep themselves safer. "Well we can slide off the road just as easy as anybody else; somebody can slide into us," he said.

Wiseman said when inclement weather happens, they're always on the lookout. "We change our driving to respond slower. If you can't get there you can't help; and if you're going to fast and wreck and can't get there, then you're not a bit of help to the person calling," said Wiseman.

Johnson City was also prepared. Captain Matt Howell told News 5 they have Hummers for when the weather is bad enough. "We have that duty that we have to respond to every call for service and when we're unable to do that with the vehicles we're supplied. We'll immediately switch to the Humvees and be able to continue that service we provide," said Howell.

But Wiseman said no matter what weather, or vehicle, they're always there to help out. "If it's a snowstorm, we're in the middle of it. If it's a windstorm, we're in the middle of it," said Wiseman.

Captain Howell told us that as long as the snow slowed down, they thankfully wouldn't have to bring the Hummers out.

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