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Pipe damage could get worse over the weekend

Pipe damage could get worse over the weekend

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Restoration crews continue to clean up the damage from the frigid temperatures earlier this week. They told us the problem of broken pipes could still get worse.

"Definitely through the weekend as the thaw continues and we start to see rain and things like that," said Tommy Leonard with ServPro. "Our temperatures are rising and we're definitely going to see more of this occurring."

He said that's because as it gets warmer, the pipes expand, making them more likely to break.

Leonard told us they've been working at least 14 hour days since the cold temperatures hit.

"There's a lot of homeowners here dealing with ceilings caved in, basically standing water everywhere, so we're trying to get to them as quickly as possible," he said.

We're told hasn't been easy because they have about 190 clients right now.

"We've got a little bit of a waiting list set up and I appreciate the homeowners that are understanding that they're not the only ones in this situation," said Leonard.

On Thursday, ServPro was at the Park Place Apartments on Bell Ridge Rd. in Johnson City. They were cleaning up damage to four apartment units and the main office after sprinklers burst on Wednesday. Part of the ceiling came down in a section of the office building and the apartments all had water damage. Leonard told us it will cost the apartment complex about $20,000-$40,000 to fix.

"We've had water extraction going on, demolition going on," he said. "We are to the point of second drying equipment."

They weren't the only crew hard at work. We caught up with Spotless Restoration at the Comfort Inn and Suites on Browns Mill Rd., in Johnson City, where they were responding to one of many calls.

"We've been working since Saturday, 20 hours per day," said Bob Pakrul, with Spotless Restoration.

Pakrul told us they've been mostly cleaning up commercial buildings. He said they've seen damage that amounts to about $100,000 and upwards.

"This has probably been the most water damage work we've seen in this area in at least 20 years," said Pakrul. 

The restoration crews told us the best way to keep you own pipes from bursting, is to make sure you insulate the area around your pipes and have them inspected.

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