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Nurses honored for Nurses' Appreciation Week

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - This week is National Nurses' Appreciation Week. On Tuesday, nurses were honored at the museum at Mountain Home in Johnson City.

Some of the nurses honored Tuesday started their training during World War II and also worked during the Korea War.

The nurses also worked at the Knoxville General Hospital, which is now closed.

They received certificates from the U.S. Public Health Service in recognition of their service. 

The City of Johnson City also signed a proclamation Tuesday recognizing May 6 - 12 as Nurses' Appreciation Week.

The veteran nurses we spoke with tells us nursing has changed a lot over the years. "Now they have so much technical help, all the computers and things, that the nurses really don't get their hands on the patients. A lot of times it's the techs," says former nurse Virginia Dixon.

"If you are sick and in the hospital, you certainly do want somebody to be concerned about your condition and check on you," adds former nurse Trudy Fann.

The museum also unveiled a new exhibit that honors the nurses from Knoxville.

They tell us this is the first phase; others will follow honoring nurses from around the region, including Johnson City and ETSU.

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