Johnson City

New Science Hill field house progresses

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - "The project will move forward" -- those were the words of Johnson City mayor Ralph Van Brocklin concerning construction of a new athletic field house at Science Hill High School.

Thursday night, the Johnson City Commission accepted a bid for construction of the new field house. The only question remaining is where the funding sources will come from and how many dollars will come from those sources.

Van Brocklin tells us he hopes one of those sources will be the Johnson City School Board. The city commission has requested that the school board step in and provide $400,000 previously pledged out of its capital funding.

The mayor says if the school board doesn't come through with additional funding, field house financing will take a step back. "We'll regroup at that point, certainly, and see what the possibilities are for the city stepping up with a greater commitment," he told us Friday. "But in honesty, the school's budget is tight, the city's budget is tight. It's going to be a real uphill battle if those dollars don't come over from the school board."

The school board is expected to vote on the city's $400,000 field house funding request on Monday.

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