Johnson City

New Johnson City traffic system to ease traffic congestion

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Driving in Johnson City could be a lot easier, thanks to a new intelligent traffic system consisting of 43 new video cameras.  The system will allow traffic engineers to watch key intersections where traffic is heaviest.  The timing of the red light signals will be remote-operated.

City officials say the system would cost around $4 million. We've learned that cost will be split with the Federal Highway Administration paying 80 percent of the cost.

Johnson City traffic engineer Anthony Todd said, "You will have a series of cameras that will allow us to see the whole system and be able to see how the traffic is progressing through the whole system. You will be able to see the back up of the side streets, and also be able to see the back up on the main streets."

Commissioners are expected to vote on the project at this month's meeting.  If approved, officials say, it should take about 15 months to get it up and running.

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