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New animal shelter in Johnson City could give animals a better chance at life

New animal shelter in Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A new animal shelter in Johnson City could give animals a better chance at life. The $1.6 million shelter will provide more space and better living conditions for the animals.

Larger and more modern are a couple of words people are using to describe the plans for the new animal shelter in Johnson City, "The high roof with the natural lighting coming in and good air circulation and air flow would benefit the dogs out in the kennel," says shelter director Debbie Dobbs.

Dobbs says she's excited about the plans, "It's going to give the animals a lot longer time to stay, a lot better facility to stay in, and more opportunities to get adopted," adds Dobbs.

We learned now 6 out of every 10 animals that come into the shelter are euthanized. Dobbs says that's something that will change with the new facility, "You have to make room for what's coming in that day. We go through and we go by the temperament, health, and space on who stays," says Dobbs.

One of the best things about the new shelter it will double kennel space for dogs and cats giving them a better chance at life, "The space gives the time, the time gives the right person and right family to come through for that animal," adds Dobbs.

The price tag on the updated shelter is around $1.6 million. The city of Johnson City gave $1.5 million to the project, the shelter raised some money, and the rest will come from donors like Ryan Broyles, CEO of Roadrunner Markets, "If a community is perceived to take care of their animals it reflects well on the community as a whole," says Broyles.

Roadrunner Markets donated $100,000. Broyles tells us it was an easy decision for him because he's an animal lover. Broyles has 2 dogs and 2 cats of his own, "Any amount of extra time that the animals can have at the shelter to be adopted as a pet it's a great thing," adds Broyles.

The new shelter will be on North Roan Street.

Dobbs tells us construction for the new shelter should start at the beginning of the year. She hopes it will be opened by fall of 2014.

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