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Neighbors react after 12-hour standoff ends

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A 12-hour standoff in Johnson City ended peacefully after the suspect surrendered.

Johnson City Police tell News 5 an argument between a couple escalated leaving a woman and a child inside of a home for hours with the armed suspect on Monday evening.

Zachary Parker lives right behind the home where the standoff occurred on Snowden Terrace. "It could have been a lot worse, if he had felt like he had his back against the wall and no options. He [could] have tried to go down with a fight," said Parker.

Johnson City Police say Carson Garrett, the suspect, and the female victim live in the home.

Parker tells us he's known his neighbor for a little more than year, but Monday around 7 p.m. Garrett's violent character got too close to home when the woman who lives with the suspect came to his front door. "[She said] she had been put in a choke hold and thrown down by her boyfriend. And that her son was still in the house and she was worried, she wanted us to see if we could get her son out of the house," said Parker.

But when Parker and his brother tried to help out, he tells us Garrett fought back. "[We thought,] 'Let's just stay until the police arrive.' He started to go inside and I turned him around and tried to get him to come back outside. I called him again, and then I called him a coward. Then he leaps off the porch, punches me in the back of the head," said Parker.

Johnson City Police, a SWAT team and the hostage and negotiating unit covered the neighborhood through the night the until Garrett surrendered around 10:15 Tuesday morning. "We are glad that it was brought to a peaceful resolution, the individual gave himself up. Mr. Garrett gave himself up," said Mark Sirois, Johnson City Police Chief.

Neither Garrett nor those inside of the home were injured.

Parker says his goal was to make sure everyone made it out safe. "I was worried about their safety, not mine. Qe just wanted to make sure the kid was out of the house," Parker said.

Garrett is in custody and is charged with aggravated domestic violence and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Johnson City Police are still investigating.

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