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Music students and teachers learn from Suzuki founder

Music students and teachers learn from Suzuki founder

Music students and teachers around the world spent the week at ETSU in Johnson City learning and perfecting their flute skills.

Toshio Takahashi is the founder of the Suzuki Flute Method. He flew in from Japan for the week to give advice to music teachers and students who have a passion for learning and playing the flute.

"To create noble, warm, beautiful human beings," says Takahashi. That's the kind of people Mr. Takahashi wants to create with his Suzuki method.

It's a practice he's been teaching for years and a method that lets student's learn at their own pace without any restrictions or stress.

Daniel Romero says it's been a pleasure to learn this week from the Suzuki founder.

"He has a really special way of teaching. It's one that I haven't encountered before," adds Romero.

But Romero tells News 5 what he's enjoyed most is meeting the other students from around the world.

"I've learned a lot from them and I think they might of learned something from me," says Romero.

Friday's concert concluded the Suzuki celebration week and was a way to let music teacher's and student's show what they've learned.

Coleen Smith from Johnson City is a mother to two music students who participated in the week long classes. She says this isn't the first time she has sent her kids and it definitely won't be the last.

"We've come for four years and every year they've progressed in such a positive way and it's just the whole experience of being emersed in the music," adds Smith.

Smith also tells News 5 she'll continue to send her sons because the Suzuki method is a way of seeing your children for the beautiful people they are.

The institute had people who flew in from all over the world. News 5 talked to one teacher actually from New Zealand who had about a 30 hour flight to the U.S.

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