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Mother, boyfriend accused of abusing toddler

Accused abuse of a toddler

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - A mother's call to 911 for help for her two-year-old son turns into a child abuse investigation. 

Detectives say the original story that the little boy fell off a porch just didn't add up. "The stories the mother and boyfriend were telling neither matched what they said happened, not matching injuries that occurred to the baby," says Captain Shawn Judy. 

Investigators told us the child's body was covered in bruises. 

Captain Shan Judy says the evidence tells them the little boy had been being abused for some time. "It's not a one-time thing. [There are] different bruises on the child's body different stages of healing," said Judy. 

Officers say this time the injuries were different and more severe, prompting a call to 911. "The place where the swelling was, was more noticeable. It was not under clothing and very noticeable," says Judy. 

Amanda Gracie Percell and Andrew Lorenze Allen were both arrested and charged with Aggravated Child Abuse. 

Officers say the child is Percell's and Allen is her her boyfriend. "There is a mother that works and a live-in boyfriend that does not work and is the primary caregiver," says Judy. 

Judy tells us the couple have a child together, a seven-month-old which officers say was healthy and had not been abused. 

Both children have been removed by the Department of Children's Services and have been placed in foster care. 

The two-year-old child is still in the hospital while doctors evaluate the extent of his injuries. 

Both suspects are in jail. The investigation is ongoing and officers say more charges are could be filed.

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