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More apartments going up in Johnson City

New Johnson City apartments

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Several new apartment complexes are going up in Johnson City, some on a large scale.

If you look around Johnson City you'll see construction in just about every corner; that's because crews continue to build new apartment complexes.

"I'm living right now for about $500 a month, and that's not a bad price range at all. I like my roommates and it works out," says James Nesselt.

James Nesselt is a junior at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City. He tells us additional options could be a plus for students. "A new apartment complex right across the street, it's even more apartments right across campus. Especially closer to downtown, it's easier for students to walk so no one has to drive," he said.

ETSU sophomore Josh Jacques agrees. "The prices will go down just because there is more competition, and [all of the complexes] want to get more people in theirs," he said.

We learned there are hundreds of apartments in mid-to-large-scale complexes will be added to the Johnson City housing market. "Most of the apartments in the while Tri-Cities area have been 20 to 25 years and older," says Rose Neese, Tri-Cities Apartment Association Executive Director.

Neese says the rapid growth of ETSU is also making a need for additional apartments. "Our occupancy stays at 95 to 97. UDC's stays at 100, so that's good, we are not overbuilt," she said.

We learned some of the new complexes will be in a variety of price points geared towards students at ETSU; others are focused towards business people and retirees.

People like Josh Jacques hopes that will bring more people to Johnson City. "I think if you had more apartments around campus, you would have more commuters that would stay closer to campus," he said.

We learned the complexes won't open right away, but should be ready in the next couple of years.

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