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Local professor gets government contract to fight terrorism

Terrorism expert

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A local professor is helping fight the war against terror off the battlefield. We learned he's been awarded a contract by the United States government.   

"On 9-11, I was 41, and an academic, and a father of three, and I wanted to be in the fight," said Dr. Paul Kamolnick, ETSU professor of Sociology and Anthropology.

We learned Kamolnick is fighting terrorism in his own way. He has been chosen by the U.S. Army War College to start a new line of research and write a monograph [a short book] to help counter Al-Qaeda.

It's actually his second one. Kamolnick's first monograph was released this past March. It states that al-Qaeda's form of terrorism is not legal jihad for Islam. His next monograph will take a different approach on the war on terror."

"My attempt is to target another group, a second type of group, who makes themselves available as human bombers," Kamolnick told News 5.

Kamolnick told us young radicals who are new to Islam are often easily incited to join the terrorist movement through the internet.

"They're downloading videos of horrific photos and images of people who are being butchered and harmed. These images are what we call tactical propaganda. They're designed to incite and to move people to action," Kamolnick said.

Kamolnick will analyze and weave together information that high-level leaders and decision makers can use to target these potential terrorists. "It's going to challenge al-Qaeda propaganda, so instead of falsehoods designed to inflame, they will be facts designed to explain," he said.

With the truth, Kamolnick hopes terrorism will ultimately dry out.

"If you suck the energy out, meaning the new recruits, then it implodes on itself. It collapses, because it needs new blood," Kamolnick added.

Even attempting this patriotic duty to help protect our country, this professor said is nothing short of an honor.

"It's a gift to a country that has been remarkably good to me," said Kamolnick.

We learned there will be 2,400 copies made of this monograph, and it's expected to be printed March of 2014. 

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