Johnson City

Legion Street Pool could be closing

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - This could be the last year community members are able to cool off at the Legion Street Pool in Johnson City.

Johnson City Assistant City Manager Charlie Stahl says all department heads with the city were asked to find areas where they can tighten up the budget.

He says the Legion Street Pool was identified as one of those.

Stahl tells us each year the city spends around $70 to $80,000 a year to maintain the pool, but it only brings in $17 to $18,000 in revenue.

Stahl says sales tax revenue is down for the city, and that's one reason the budget is tight this year. "It's not that people would be without the opportunity to swim, particularly in this section of town. There is still that opportunity. The big difference is swimming inside in the summer is not like swimming outside in the summer," he said.

Stahl tells us the Johnson City Commission is still working on the budget and no decision has been made.

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