Johnson City

Late night for Johnson City commissioners

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Johnson City commissioners approved a budget for next year without the proposed property tax increase Thursday evening.

After a lengthy meeting, commissioners were back talking about city finances Friday morning. Johnson City commissioners held a five-hour meeting Thursday where they decided not to raise property taxes by 22 cents; instead, commissioners decided to put off some capital projects like fixing roofs.

This makes it possible for them to spend about $60,000 to keep the Legion Street pool open and hire six police officers. They also allotted money for the new farmers market site and gave $500,000 to the school system.

Assistant city manager Bob Wilson tells us the schools originally asked for a $3.5 million increase from 2013.

He says even though they'll have a balanced budget this year, property taxes will have to go up next year to pay for the capital projects now put on hold for a year.

The final reading of the budget is next Friday.

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