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Last bus crash victim released from hospital

Brother says sister saved his life

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - A David Crockett High School student says his sister saved his life in the moments after their bus flipped last week in Washington County, Tennessee.

Hospital officials tell News Five the last crash victim was released Tuesday afternoon. The investigation into what caused the crash is still underway. Authorities say the final report should be released later this week. Even though they are home, many of the injured students still face a long road to recovery.

David Crockett's principal said Tuesday roughly half of the injured students are now back at school, but for others it will be several weeks or longer before they can be back in the classroom.

Holley Dyals and Corey Dykes thought they were going to die when their school bus crashed on Mount Wesley Road. "I remember thinking right before I hit my head, we are not going to make it," said Dyals.

"I thought, 'this is it,'" Dykes added.

Both students described what the remembered about the crash and the moments before it happened. "There were a couple of kids standing up on the bus saying 'go faster, go faster!' I remember that," says Dyals.

Troopers say they want to determine how fast driver Brenda Gray was going. They have told us she ran off the road, then over-corrected.

The bus flipped three times before coming to rest on its side. Dyals says she was in the middle and ended up in the back with people on top of her.

"The first thing I thought was, 'get off of me, where's and my brother?'" said Dyals.

He had been sitting just three seats in front of her before the crash. "The first flip knocked me out," her brother Corey Dykes said.

She says when she found him he was lifeless and bleeding badly. "I just wrapped his arms around me carried him to the back of the bus. This little boy helped me hold him up. I lifted his feet out one by one," said Dyals.

"They said I probably wouldn't have made it if I had stayed on the bus. [I was] losing too much blood," Dykes described.

He had severe head injuries and was the second person flown to the hospital.

"A lot of my face is fractured, my sinus is broken, my jaw is up in my head," said Dykes.

She didn't realize she was hurt until later; she has a fractured back.

Both were released from the hospital over the weekend, but say they are still in tremendous pain. It will be at least two weeks and likely longer before they can return to school

Both say they will never ride a school bus again.

The district attorney general says his office will determine if charges will be filed after the report is complete.

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