Johnson City

Johnson City's public radio station celebrates 40 years

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Marking a milestone with a microphone, East Tennessee State University's radio station, WETS-FM, is celebrating 40 years on the air.

In 1974, DJ's used magnetic reel-to-reel tape, turntables, and played vinyl records; they were only broadcasting 14 hours a day.

Now, technology has gone digital, and listeners can enjoy music and public affairs programming 24 hours a day.

Director Wayne Winkler tells us community support keeps them going. "I think the growth of the station has been the result of a unique partnership with East Tennessee State University and the listeners who support us every year," he told us Monday. "That has been one of the most gratifying things about working here, is the feedback that we get from our listeners. That tells us we are doing something that's valuable to them."

Station staffers tell us they also broadcast online, so anyone can listen from around the world.

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