Johnson City

Johnson City Transit system gets upgrades

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - The Johnson City Transit system has a new technology upgrade that they say will make everything easier for the passengers.

Anyone riding the bus will now be able to pull up bus routes and track the buses on their website from smart phones and through text messages.

Jeff Rawles is with the Johnson City Transit. He says this will help people track if their bus will be five minutes late or early.

He says it will also help people who are from out of town find the bus route they need to use. "Everybody has phones now, cell phones with internet access most of the time. Especially text messaging, it's just an extra tool for us to provide to our passengers," says Rawles.

The upgrades cost $585,000. 95 percent of the money to pay for it came from the federal government. Only five percent of the cost came from local money.

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