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Johnson City Schools say drug testing students is a good resource

Johnson City Schools say drug testing students is a good resource

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Student athletes in Scott County, Virginia Schools could soon be drug tested. The school board will ultimately vote on the plan.

Johnson City Schools tell us the policy has been a good resource at Science Hill High School since it started in 2007.

Student athletes at Science Hill High School work hard on the field or court to represent their school.

They also have to meet certain requirements to play, like making good grades and passing drug tests. "If my child was drug tested, I would support that. I would have no problem with that," says Scott Galpin.

Galpin has two kids who are involved in extracurricular activities and he tells us the drug testing policy of Johnson City Schools is a positive thing. "Everyone that's involved in these extracurricular activities these privileges should be drug tested not just the athletes," he said.

We learned currently at Science Hill 30 athletes are randomly drug tested a month. "That list is generated by the testing agency and they will come to the school we do it in a private environment," adds Keith Turner.

Turner is the Athletic Director at Science Hill and he tells us they have had some athletes who have tested positive over the years.

He says the schools focus is to get the students the help they need with counseling, "They will miss 20 percent of the total number of games allowed. We still allow them to practice but they cannot play because we want them around their coaches that should be influencing them."

The policy is not only geared towards athletes.

We learned if a teacher feels any student may be under the influence of drugs they too can be asked to take a drug test, "The administrator can ask the student at that time to take a drug test the student can refuse to talk the drug test but the student will be suspended and the parents will be notified," adds Debra Bentley with the Johnson City Schools.

The school system tells us overall parents support the concept because they want to get their children help, if needed.

We learned so far the Johnson City School System has not been legally challenged by any parent or guardian.

Scott County, Virginia school officials tell us the school's attorney is reviewing the proposed policy now which includes random testing and the board will vote on it June 5.

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