Johnson City

Johnson City residents continue fight against noisy bar

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Residents in a Johnson City subdivision have been trying to get a local nightclub to quiet down and clean up.

Several meetings have been held to try to get the Electric Cowboy to make some changes to cut down on noise. We spoke with residents in Tanglewood and they said not much has been done about this issue.

It may seem like a quiet neighborhood, but when the sun goes down that all changes. Resident Bill Bendetto tells us he's been losing sleep for several years. "We've been dealing with this since they moved in," he said.

The issue is the nightclub known as the Electric Cowboy, and recently Jack's Bar and Grill, located directly behind the houses.

Benetto says he has had to call police several times due to noise. "When we call police it stops normally within the last hour or so. The last time with the incident with Jack's we called several times and it did not stop until maybe one in the morning."

Residents in Tanglewood say not only do they wake up from the music, they also have problems with the scheduling of the dumpster pickup. "When they empty those it's really annoying," Benetto said.

Johnson City Police Chief Mark Sirois tells us they are still getting complaints from that area. "The calls for service for October, it looks close to the same number of calls for service," he said. "Of course the majority of those have been initiated by us and have been bar checks."

Several neighborhood meetings have been held to resolve the issue with the Electric Cowboy, but so far Benetto says things have not been changed. "The owner came in, made a lot of promises, did not do a thing," he said.

Benetto tells us he can only think of one solution. "It's real simple -- Electric Cowboy, move on out," he said.

We spoke with the general manager of Electric Cowboy, Brent McCoy. He tells us that since the last meeting they have done everything they can to try to fix the noise to be considerate to the neighborhood.

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