Johnson City

Johnson City Power Board warns customers of scam

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A possible scam has a local power company warning customers.

The Johnson City Power Board says a customer got a phone call from
someone posing as a JCPB employee.

According to the customer the unknown caller said they were "the utility" and calling about abnormally high electricity usage.

The caller told the customer to turn off all the lights and go to the basement until utility employees could evaluated the usage.

JCPB believes the unknown caller had apparently faked the caller ID to reflect that the call was coming from JCPB.

The customer then called JCPB to verify the call.

The JCPB asks all customers to be wary of calls from people claiming to represent the utility.

If you get a call you're asked to get the representative's name, department and phone number before hanging up.

You can contact JCPB customer service at (423) 952-JCPB (5272).

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