Johnson City

Johnson City Police searching for missing woman

Police say foul play is likely

Missing woman

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Johnson City Police are asking folks to take close look at the picture of 28-year-old Vonda Donaldson; she has been missing for days.

"The last place we can put her is Saturday night in Johnson City," says Johnson City Police Lt. Steve Sherfey.

Police say Donaldson was last seen that night leaving a wedding. Her family called police Sunday when she failed to pick up her children.

"This is very unusual for her family, not to be able to get hold of her," said Sherfey.

They searched her apartment Monday looking for clues, but detectives say they fear foul play based on statements from people she may have with. "We have some witnesses been talking to. Some of the stories are not matching up," described Sherfey.

At one point officers were searching for her car. They found it in a mobile home park, but they won't say who had it.

It's currently being processed as possible evidence.

Detectives are also looking at her cell phone records to hopefully track her movements.

Anyone with information about Donaldson's disappearance is urged to contact police. The number is (423) 434-6158.

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