Johnson City

Johnson City Police: Scammer impersonating detective

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - (Released for publication) The Johnson City Police Department has received several calls from local businesses who have reported suspicious calls from a person identifying themselves as a detective with a police department.

The caller asks the business for the personal information of patrons using credit/debit cards that have spent more than $100. The caller advises that they are investigating a theft case and that they need the names of the credit/debit card holders to see if their patrons are a victim of the theft case they are working.

The Johnson City Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division traced the number back and contacted the individual who identified himself as Detective Andy Myers with the Brentwood Police Department. Once this person realized he was actually talking to the Johnson City Police Department, he quickly disconnected.

The information was passed on to the Brentwood Police Department in Nashville where they too have received multiple calls on the same individual.

They will be following up on the incident.

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