Johnson City

Johnson City Police get extra training on noise detectors

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Noise detectors are nothing new for the Johnson City Police Department but officers are getting extra training to be able to handle a new part of the noise ordinance the city hopes to pass.

The officers are learning how to do a different kind of reading that will measure a lower frequency. This comes after the second reading the city had about a proposed change to the current ordinance. That change came after the city received several noise complaints.

Johnson City Police Officer John Dempsey says these devices are important because without them it would be the officers discretion if the noise was too loud. "We go to the place where the noise complaint is. We go to the person's property line and we hold the sound meter approximately five feet off the ground and just let it calculate the readings," adds Dempsey.

The final reading for the change in the noise ordinance will be at the next Johnson City Commission Meeting in early October.

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