Johnson City

Johnson City parks in need of overhaul

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. -      Johnson City's Department of Parks and Recreation says it needs to make improvements to the park system.

     According to Parks and Rec Director, Roger Blakeley some of the playgrounds are over 50-years-old.  He says that's where the biggest need is right now.

     One idea is to make the playgrounds more modern and age appropriate.
He also says all of their ball fields are at full capacity.  One solution Blakeley says would be to replace some of those with field turf. "Soccer, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey...all of those by adding synthetic fields you're able to put three or four times the amount of play on the fields. You won't have weather restrictions because the synthetics are able to take the water and move them quicker."

     Another problem the city is facing is the Legion Street Pool. Blakeley tells us it's 60-years old and will only last one more year.

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