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Johnson City holds 3rd annual bacon fest


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - It's one of the meatiest events in East Tennessee, and Saturday, bacon lovers in the Tri-Cities had a little slice, or two, of heaven.

It's the 3rd annual Bacon Fest in Johnson City with local restaurants represented from all over the Tri-Cities.

Travis Woodall is the co-owner of Positive Approach Events - the organization that puts on the festival. He says it's a great way to try food from locally owned places.

"Most of the dishes that we serve at the bacon festival are items that you won't find on their menus, so it gives them an opportunity to get creative and create something just a little bit different," adds Woodall.

And creating something different is chef Greg Saunders favorite part. He says it doesn't take much for him to think of something new to whip up.

"It's actually just sitting down over a beer and piece of paper and writing down some ideas until it all sort of came together," he adds.

Saunders is hoping these new bacon treats he made will stick around.

"Everything was made special for bacon fest today. If we do well, this may end up on the menu as we go," he says.

Although the highlight of the day is soaking up the the greasy goodness, it's also for a good cause.

"This year we have 16 different charities that we're donating money to," Woodall adds.

One lucky restaurant will get the chance to head to Las Vegas in November to compete in the bacon category of the food championship. Their charity gets a thousand dollars.

But most of the restaurants were more concerned about letting people taste the great food they have to offer.

"I mean it's good to have those mom and pops come out and stand up and represent this area. I mean, we need that and we need to also represent and take care of those mom and pop local stores," chef Terry Moore says.

"It's about showcasing the great food that our local restaurants serve and that's really why we do it," adds Woodall.

Positive Approach Events tells News 5 more than a thousand people came out here Saturday. 

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