Johnson City

Johnson City flood mitigation project moving forward

Johnson CIty, Tenn. -        Johnson City's 6-million dollar flood mitigation project will be allowed to progress, now that U-Haul has found a new location.

     U-Haul will move from its present location on King Street to a building previously occupied by Fun Expedition on North Roan.

     When the city gets the King Street property they will be able to finish phase one of the flood mitigation project which consists of three parts.

     Phil Pindzola Johnson, City Public Works Director says, "The first is Founder's Park, which is nearing completion. Then there was the removal of buildings and the creation of a detention facility at Boone and Market, which has been completed, and the third is this particular detention basin."

     Pindzola tells us the whole King Street property will become a detention pond.

     U-haul has until the end of the year to move out.

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