Johnson City

Johnson City faces more flooding

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Saturday's heavy rain caused problems for people in Johnson City and some signs of the high water can still be seen.

Heavy rain caused the flooding in Johnson City in no time covering streets like South Austin Springs Road. "When you're home you have to stay here. You can't get out or anything because the roads are flooded on both ways," says Frank Hamilton, who lives near the road.

Hamilton lives in the Austin Springs Terrace Apartments, and he says this year the flooding has been the worst he's ever seen. "Some cars do get submerged underwater around the corner over there, but you do need to watch for water. Everybody moves their car over here when there's going to be a real bad rain," adds Hamilton.

Hamilton tells us sometimes the water can get up to the air conditioning units. "It gets way above the units and they'll have to end up cutting it off or blowing a fuse inside the house. This happens on the regular when it rains," says Hamilton.

Off Garden Drive the situation was the same -- the water was standing in the parking lot and overflowed onto the grass, even onto some porches. "It took about an hour for it to get up to my porch, but just to get up to the curb in the parking lot took about maybe 15 or 20 minutes," says Matthew Schultz.

Schultz lives off Garden Drive and he tells us flooding isn't unusual for downtown Johnson City. "All of downtown Johnson City is just a pit. All that water just rushes in from the higher ground," says Schultz.

Schultz tells us this time they were lucky. "It got right to the edge on the front and back porch. Very lucky. Last year it got in a little bit," adds Schultz.

Meanwhile, Hamilton has a warning for everyone: "Don't underestimate the water, because it will sweep a car away," he said. "It's real dangerous."

Both men we spoke with say every time it rains they keep a close eye on the rising water to make sure it doesn't get to their homes or cars.

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