Johnson City

Johnson City Commissioners approve budget

Additional money given to schools, animal shelter

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Johnson City commissioners approved a more than $200-million operating budget without raising taxes.

Commissioners met for less than 10 minutes Friday morning to pass the budget on a third and final reading.

The spending plan restructures some of the city's debt and gives the school system an additional $375-thousand for next year.

City manager Pete Peterson says this could be the last year the city is able to balance the books without raising taxes.

"This is about the 12 or 13 consecutive budget without a tax increase," says Peterson, "I would be remiss without saying we have been relying  on our fund balance for capital equipment purchases and capital projects and this is something we can't continue to do."

As a part of balancing the budget, commissioner opted to end the 1-percent discount offered to residents who paid their property taxes early.

They also approved $1.5 million for construction of a new animal shelter.

The additional money to the shelter project will be a major boost the struggling fund raising efforts for building a new shelter.

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