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Johnson City businesses hope Northeast State will add foot traffic

Johnson City businesses hope NE State will add foot traffic

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Northeast State Community College in Johnson City will soon have a presence across the Tri-Cities with the development of a satellite campus.

Downtown Johnson City is growing and the newest addition will soon be Northeast State Community College's satellite campus, and that idea has some businesses downtown excited. "I think more students will definitely bring a lot more to the area. Maybe we'll get some more businesses in here where we were still working on stuff," says Brooke Robinson.

Robinson is a waitress at Freiberg's German Restaurant in Johnson City. She tells us while the downtown has grown over the years, additional students could make it even better. "More people will help out the other places that still need a little bit more work, more people," she said.

Northeast State President Janice Gilliam tells us they are in Phase 2 of the 40,000-square foot renovation. "We'll be sending out a bid for the third and final phase here in a couple of months. Then it will take a fairly significant time, six to eight months, to complete those renovations," she said.

Gilliam tells us when completed they will have 17 classrooms and 15 offices in the lower level of the parking garage. "We're looking at trying to renovate the entire first level at one time. If we do that, that's going to take a little longer time," she said.

Meanwhile, Brooke Robinson is counting down until the opening. "I think Johnson City could be a really good area. I know they've been working on it and I think there are still some more improvements, so I think the more people that come in it's just only going to get better," she said.

Northeast State President Janice Gilliam tells us hopes to have the campus open by spring of 2015.

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