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Job-seekers find work at Carver Rec Center job fair

Job-seekers find work at Carver Rec Center job fair

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - The latest numbers from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics shows there are 192,000 unemployed people in Tennessee and more than 13,000 of those live in the Tri-Cities.

A Harris survey at the beginning of this year, found that 21 percent of workers would look for a new job this year.

Those are two good reasons for a job fair.

We went to a fair on Thursday at the Carver Rec Center in Johnson City. There were about 25 employees and 50 job-seekers at the event when we arrived.

We found many were changing careers, or are ready to graduate in upcoming months.

One man told us he's about to lose his job and may be forced to leave the state if he can't find a new one.

Travis Funk followed behind a long line of prospective employees, hoping his name stood out. He found out the company he works for, Custom Diesel Express, is going out of business.

"This came on pretty sudden," Funk said. "We've had some unfortunate things happen within the company and it was kind of a sudden change that's come about."

After 18 years as a truck driver, Funk is now filling out applications and hoping to get a job here so he doesn't have to relocate.

"Not looking forward to moving out of the state," Funk said. "I love Tennessee and I want to stay here."

Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill told us the point of the event was to keep jobs local.

"I think that in the State of Tennessee the unemployment rate is going down, which is a really good thing but obviously here in Washington County, and really all of Northeast Tennessee, there's still a lot of people that need jobs," said Hill.

Hill told us, despite that, things are looking up since all of the employers at the fair are actively searching for employees.

This was good news for Travis Funk, who had a job offer before he walked out the door.

"Relieving, very relieving that there is actually something out there for me in my field," Funk said.

State Representative Micah Van Huss joined Representative Mathew Hill to conduct the job fair in conjunction with the State Department of Labor.

Hill told us they plan to have another of these events in the fall.

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