Johnson City

Is there a future for ETSU football?

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - One of the most talked-about topics Wednesday at ETSU concerned the possibility of bringing back football.

The program was dropped after the 2003 season for financial seasons, and many students are excited to see what the future holds. "I think it is a phenomenal suggestion to reintroduce football back to ETSU," said student Patrick Oaks.

And many are already planning where they will be on game day. "I would for sure go to the games," said student Taylor Kennedy.

Kennedy also added, "Everybody pretty much leaves on the weekends, so it'd be nice to have something to do on the weekends here."

The talk of bringing the program back has come up many times in the past along with one hurdle many feel is in the way: money.

Student Chris Hickman said, "I'd pay whatever to have football here."

But on the other hand, the possible new addition could bring in even more new elements. Student Government Representative Gabrielle Billiot said, "Not only football but a marching band, cheerleaders and everything that comes with it; there's so many opportunities."

The future of Buccaneer football is unknown, but for fans knowing there are talks is a step in the right direction. Now this is only a preliminary idea and much more discussion will be needed before a decision is reached, but committee leaders are hopeful for more research by the spring.

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