Johnson City

Hands On! Museum reopens after water pipe bursts

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Johnson City's Hands On! Museum is open for business Wednesday morning after a water pipe burst around 10:30 Tuesday night

The burst spewed water into the front window. Click here to view photos.

The water flooded the space adjacent to the activities area.

Hands On! Marketing Director Kristine Carter tells News 5 they believe the cold weather caused the pipes to break. "It was all in the building that we use next door to us and it is sort of an overflow space for groups. They can eat over there and we have special events over there. But it didn't affect any of our exhibits. The primary museum building is completely dry and open for business," said Kristine Carter, Hands On! Marketing Manager.

Crews from Johnson City are working to clean-up the water and resulting damage Wednesday.

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