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Great American Cleanup in Johnson City, TN

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - If you have some unwanted items you need to get rid of Johnson City may be able to help.

Saturday kicked off their start to the Great American Cleanup.

Chairs, mattresses, bed frames, vacuums, even lawn mowers, all items you keep in your home or garage but ‘tis is the season for spring cleaning.

"Some people just bring in a couple of bags and then other people will bring in like furniture and other items," says volunteer Jonathan Thomas.

Crews are collecting all of that junk you've been hiding in the back corner of your basement and they're trashing those items for free.

We care about the community. We really do and anything we can do to help out and do our part and show our love for the community then we definitely want to do that," adds Thomas.

You aren't allowed to drop off any hazardous waste, paint, or tires, but unused medication is accepted.

The medicines are usually expired unused or unneeded, like if your prescription changes or the dosage changes and you don't need it," adds Johnson City Patrolman Jeremiah Hein.

The Great American Cleanup is also helping out local teachers. What you may think is trash could be helpful stocking a classroom with supplies.

"They could use them in so many different ways. They can use them in teaching math, doing crafts, or making some kind of something that goes with their English lessons," says Lakeridge Elementary PTA President, Kristin Marshall.

Rain or shine someone will be available to collect your unwanted item .and help with your spring cleaning.

"When your house is clean, you feel good," adds Thomas.

The Great American Cleanup will be taking place from 7am-2pm:

April 6 at Woodland School, ETSU (no Rx collections) and Southside School.

April 20 at Cherokee School, Northside School and Carver Center

May 4 at Liberty Bell Blvd, Towne Acres School and Indian Trail School

For more information call (423) 975-2792 or visit



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