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Getting a fresh start at Oxford House

Oxford House 9-4-12

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Oxford House has over 1,500 locations nationwide and the latest opened in Johnson City on September 1.

Work on the project started last year when a group of women decided to help folks in our area. "Back in December of 2011 a group of women in the recovery community came together and said this is a problem we have," project leader Layla Wright said. "We researched a few different models but this is the one we found was most like what we wanted."

Oxford House has strict rules against any drug or alcohol abuse and will immediately expel any resident who relapses. The program is for those done with rehab and restarting their life, not still trying to come clean.

"One of the best things about the Oxford House concept since it began is the higher success rate that folks who come and take part in this atmosphere and are a part of the atmosphere here," Wright explained. "They tend to have a much higher success rate of not relapsing into drug use."

According to national statistics from Caron Drug Treatment Centers, relapse rates can be as high as 90 percent in the average population. Residents of Oxford House have a much lower rate at 20 percent on average.

"There is an application that the girls can fill out if they would like to interview to come and live in the house," Wright explained. "They are required to have thirty days clean and sober. And also, they will be required to get a job or volunteer within two weeks of moving in so they will be paying their own rent."

For more information about the new Oxford House, you can call or write them at:

Oxford House Appalachia

P.O. Box 924

Johnson City, Tenn. 37601

(423) 773-5519


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