Johnson City

General Mill site likely to be replaced with apartments

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. -      It looks like a controversial multi-unit apartment complex will soon be built on Walnut Street in Johnson City.

     Last night the Johnson City Commission voted to re-zone the old General Mills property.  That opens the door for Evolve Development to construct an 18.5 million dollar, 216-unit apartment complex on the site.

     Evolve attorney Tom McKee tells us he's convinced that it's a good move for Johnson City, despite outspoken opposition from neighborhood community groups.

     Now he's helping Evolve move forward in the acquisition of the property. "You always have environmental issues associated with projects like that and that process has already started they have both phase one and phase two studies being done right now. And once that's completed, then hopefully everything will be fine and we can move forward with the closing on the property."

     McKee adds that it should be 30 to 60 days before evolve can close on the property. Demolition of the old General Mills facility would follow.

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