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Fast-food chain donates 250 meals to Johnson City food pantry

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - 1 in 6 households across the nation don't know where their next meal is coming from according to Feeding America.

But once a month a Johnson City church works to make sure those who live in our area don't go without the food they need.

Saturday News 5 went to a monthly food pantry giveaway that was a little extra special thanks to local fast-food chain.

One by one people from all walks of life stood in line waiting for the doors of the First United Methodist Church food pantry to open.
Marie Haney was one of them.

"I'm on social security and disability, but I have two grandchildren every day when they are not in school and every evening when they get out of school, and on weekends I have 4," said Marie Haney, Johnson City resident.

Haney and hundreds of others filed through the building to get essentials like bread and cereal.

Peggy Humphreys has helped organize the monthly pantry since it began 2 years ago.

"Everybody needs that little extra boost. So that's what we are trying to do is give them a hand up and not just a hand out," said Peggy Humphreys, FUMC Food Pantry volunteer.

On Saturday those in need didn't just leave with a box of food they left with vouchers for a hot meal from fast-food chain Long John Silver's.

"We have issued 250 food vouchers that will be distributed to each family and they will be redeemable at the local Long Johns," said Randall Carr, Long John Silver's Area Manager.

Haney tells us if she took her grandkids out to eat it would cost between $30 to 40.

"There's no way on my income I can't take my grandkids out to eat," said Haney.

But with the Long John Silver's vouchers she can get them at least one meal free of cost and worry.

"My grandkids love Long John Silver's," said Haney.

Long John Silver's tells us this giveaway is one of several donations they make to food pantries around the region every year.

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