Johnson City

ETSU teaches community about Olympic Games

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - The Olympic Games are now in full swing, which has ETSU students and staff excited.

The Olympic training site staff held a workshop to teach students about the Winter Olympics on Saturday. Participants had the chance to ice skate and play games at the event.

Olympic site director Meg Stone told us ETSU is particularly excited about the Winter Olympics this year because staff member Dr. Brad DeWeese is the strength, speed and conditioning coach for nine athletes competing in the games.

Stone said DeWeese has been getting regular updates from his athletes in Sochi. "His athletes have been on what he called 'lockdown,'" she told us. "They go to their venue, they do their training, they prepare for competition, they compete, they come right back to the village and have been told nobody is supposed to wear USA uniforms outside the village."

Stone told us their event on Saturday was a way to support the athletes in Sochi.

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