Johnson City

ETSU student sends toys to kids in regions affected by Ebola

JOHNSON CITY, TN - As Ebola continues to spread, some of the people being quarantined are doing so with their families.

As a result, children are being swept up in all the chaos. Even though they may not be infected, they are experiencing the negative effects, such as losing loved ones, and being kept in isolation.

Now, a local doctoral student from ETSU is trying to help by sending toys and art supplies to provide an outlet for their feeling, and give them hope.

Alexis Decosimo, a Doctoral student ETSU's College of Public Health says, "Their ability to build hope and resilience will help them face the trauma that they might have to losing a family member, being put into an isolation clinic as well as the possibility of contracting Ebola."

Decosimo's project is called "Playing to Live" and hopes to use toys and art as therapy to help the children.

The toys are being donated by toy maker "Hasbro," through a partnership with "Good 360," which works with big companies to get things for non profits.

An agency called "More Than Me" is helping to deliver the toys.

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