Johnson City

ETSU still deciding on stadium location

JOHNSON CITY, TENN. - The football team officially arrived on campus to begin practice and start going to classes. During the first week of September, the school will conduct walk-on tryouts.

ETSU President, Brian Noland says the school is trying to decide where to build the new football stadium. One location is the old facilities building. The second location  is next to the soccer stadium. Noland says part of that location is near a flood plain, so studies are underway to determine if that will be a problem.

Once Noland meets with an architect and gets some answers, the location will be announced.

It might be two years before the stadium is completed. In the meantime, the school has a handshake agreement to use Science Hill High Schools stadium.

Financial details still need to be worked out. ETSU will play several scrimmages this fall against area club teams.

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