Johnson City

ETSU president hospitalized after car crash

Noland in stable condition

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - With extensive damage and airbags deployed the SUV belonging to East Tennessee State University President Dr. Brian Nolan sits in the parking lot of a Johnson City towing company.

According to Johnson City Police Noland's car was hit Monday evening around 5 by a flatbed truck at the intersection of West Market Street and West Watauga Avenue.

"According to what witnesses told us there at the scene, the vehicle on West Market Street, the wrecker,  ran through the red light and struck the other vehicle as it was proceeding into the intersection," says Sgt. Jim Tallmadge with the Johnson City Police traffic unit.

The damage can still be seen where the two vehicles collided, sending one into the pole and another into a sign.

Dr. Nolan was taken to the hospital where he's in stable condition.

According to the police report the driver of the truck, 34 year old Jackie White was not injured. He is charged with running a red light.

The truck is owned by ‘Larry and Terry's' in Elizabethton.

We asked Johnson City police about the frequency of crashes at the West Market Street and West Watauga Avenue intersection.

We found out in the past year there have been five crashes.

"I wouldn't say that it's a great deal more than other intersections. It's not one of our high problem intersections, but we do have several there," adds Tallmadge.

We compared five to the number of crashes at other similar intersections within the city limits.
Johnson City Police say Roan/Unmake had 10 crashes during the same time period. Main/Unaka and Market/Boone each had one.

As for ETSU, we're told Dr. Wilsie Bishop will handle administrative responsibilities while Dr. Noland is recovering.

"We've spoken with Dr. Noland a number of times since last night and this morning. He's talked to his staff here on campus, he's involved in what's happening he's in good spirits and expects to recover," adds ETSU spokesperson Joe Smith.

There's no word on how long Dr. Noland is expected to be out of work. No details about his injuries have been released.

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