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ETSU parking more scarce while construction continues

ETSU first day parking

Thousands of students returned to class at East Tennessee State University Monday.

Along with learning new routines and getting to know professors, parking is a new challenge. A delay in completing a new parking garage is affecting most students.

Most ETSU students, like junior Tanner Sanford, live off campus and that can make parking spaces prime real estate. "I've been parking next to the soccer fields and my classes are on the other side of campus," he told us.

Construction of this new 1,200-space parking garage is behind schedule. Click here to read more about the delay.

It was supposed to be finished by the start of classes but now the opening has been pushed back to October at the earliest.

We found out there are close to 7,500 spaces currently open, which university officials say is an adequate number for the amount of students on campus at one time.

There's also a new traffic pattern -- over the summer crews moved a parking lot and road, adding a new roundabout along Jack Vest Drive off State of Franklin Road.

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