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ETSU digital artists showcase work

ETSU digital artists showcase work

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - If you didn't know it by now, we're living in a digital world. Visually, everything we look at these days has a piece of digital media. So where do those digital creators come from?

Many come from the ETSU Digital Media program. You may not know it, but they've been around almost 20 years now and it's those students who are creating our new world.

As if final exams aren't pressure enough, the Digital Media seniors at ETSU are preparing for their annual show of experimental digital art. "A big part of this show is the senior graduates. Every year we present them to the public and give them an opportunity to both show their work that they've done while they're here and show their portfolio. Hopefully some of the people that attend the show will be hiring," digital media professor Cher Cornett said.

No matter the business that you're in, you going to need the services of graduates like these. "It's crazy how much of an impact [digital media has] in society today. In any business, really, it affects it," graduating senior Rebekah Haug says.

Whether it's digital art displays or the complete portfolio of years of work by these students, you'll find plenty of great examples at the show. "There's a lot more than just creating a website and a lot of these guys are going to show you what goes into everything that is digital media," graduating senior Matthew Styles said.

And they will show you exactly how they created their 'magic,' as they call it. "We're in the digital visualization business. It doesn't matter if you're trying to illustrate a business concept, or trying to illustrate and demonstrate a new product that hasn't been manufactured yet, or if you're trying to build a game; everything has to start from that visualization point," Cornett said.

Past graduates have moved on into the movie business, plus just about any field that requires digital animation.

So when you see digital images on your many devices, stop and and think of where it might have came from -- it could have begun right at ETSU.

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