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ETSU coach talks about player dismissals

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Seniors Sheldon Cooley and Marcus Dubose are no longer members of the ETSU Men's Basketball team. 

Head Coach Murray Bartow made the decision to dismiss the two men.

Members of the ETSU men's basketball team are warming up before their next game, trying to focus on the sport and not on the off-court drama. Marcus Dubose was charged November 9 after police say they found a quarter-pound of marijuana in a package delivered to Dubose.

Sheldon Cooley, Dubose's roommate, was arrested after police searched their apartment and say they found drug paraphernalia.

Now both men are off of the basketball team.

"When you deal with young people, every now and then they're going to mess up and I'm pretty non-tolerant of a situation like this. But, it's a stressful time," says Coach Bartow.

This isn't the first time Cooley faced trouble with police. In February 2012 he was convicted and given probation for filing a false police report after a robbery at his on campus apartment.

"The two cases are not similar at all. I think you look at every situation differently and each case is very separate, but on this particular situation it was pretty clear what we needed to do," adds Bartow.

Now coach Bartow has the task of leading his team without two of his strongest players. "You try to recruit great kids, we've got great kids. Fortunately in my ten years here we've had very few problems, but certainly I feel some responsibility to it. They are part of my program," he said.

Now the Bucs are trying to turn the focus onto the court and the rest of their season.

We checked with ETSU and learned as of Thursday evening Sheldon Cooley has withdrawn from the University. Marcus Dubose is still enrolled at ETSU.

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