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Doctors give tips to help fight allergies

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Green grass, blooming trees, and flowers...all signs of spring.
But that also means allergy season is here, and for Danielle Olmo, it makes her evening walk a little less enjoyable.
"The last couple of years have been really bad. Everyone I've noticed have been just stuffed up and coughing. It's almost like you have a cold but you don't," Olmo says.

Spring is the worst time for allergies and Allergist Dr. Phillip Jones tells News 5 what's causing everyone to get a sniffly nose and watery eyes.
"Tree pollen is up a little bit now, certainly will continue to go up as soon as we start getting some warmer, dryer days."

He says don't wait until you show symptoms before you do something about it.
"People who suffer from allergies need to remember, when is my allergy season. If it's spring, you need to plan ahead. If you wait until you're sick, your eyes are itchy, your nose is stuffed've waited too long."

Doctors say don't ride around with your car windows rolled down and to be sure to wear a big pair of sunglasses to prevent pollen and other allergens from getting in your eyes.
"Don't sleep with windows open, don't hang your clothes out to dry. Limit your activity when pollen counts are not the highest. If it's a dry, clear, windy day. pollen counts are going to be up," Dr. Jones continues.

He says there are over the counter medications you can try, but he has a word of warning.
"I would caution patients do not use over the counter nasal sprays because they can be potentially addictive."

If you're taking these precautions and still nothing's working...allergists can do a scrape test to figure out what you're allergic to.
"Which pollens, animal danders, molds, those type things and that can help us with avoidance picking medications and ultimately allergy shots," he says.

Other tips:

1. Don't hang your clothes or sheets outside to dry
2. Wipe your pets down with a wet cloth before letting them indoors, if they roll around in the grass, they can bring pollen in
3. Don't point your vent in your car towards your face, to prevent blowing pollen in your face

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