Johnson City

Doctor pleads insanity to chase, other charges

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A Johnson City doctor pleaded insanity to a police chase and several other charges in court Friday morning.

In June 2013, Dr. Robert Allen was accused of leading police on a chase, and then parading in a bathrobe in front of his home while waving an American flag. "The driver emerged from the home in an unusual manner in that he was carrying an American flag and maybe some other instrument, maybe a horn, in his hand," said Lt. Rick Stevens with the Johnson City Police Department.

Lt. Stevens says Allen was likely under the influence of marijuana. After his arrest police smelled the smoke in his car and found marijuana, along with a gun and a machete.

Dr. Allen was charged with drug offenses, felony evading, reckless driving and prohibited weapons violation. Click here to read more.

While in jail on the charges, Allen was charged with vandalism after he was accused of damaging his cell by removing a screw from a towel hanger and flushing it down the toilet. Click here to read more.

The judge accepted his plea Friday. : "This has been an absolute nightmare for me," Allen said in court. "I do not remember anything that happened during that time. I was undergoing a severe amount of personal stress."

Allen was ordered to undergo psychological treatment. He also agreed to surrender his medical license, but told the court he hoped to get it back at some point.

In July 2005 Robert Allen was convicted of DUI and evading arrest. That resulted in a five-year probation by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners. The probation period ended in 2011.

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