Johnson City

DJs wear bras for breast cancer awareness

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - It's been quite a sight around the Tri-Cities: grown men wearing pink bras, while standing on the side of the road.

They're a couple of guys from the radio station Electric 94.9, who are trying to bring awareness to breast cancer and raise money for breast cancer research. 

All week, they've been popping up in different places during the station's morning show wearing pink bras. 

One of the DJs lost his mother to breast cancer several years ago and wants to make sure everyone knows early detection is key. "Everybody sees a man in a pink bra and they're like, "what in the world?" But they understand that October is breast cancer awareness month and pink is the color for breast cancer. We're just out here to remind people and so they get the message and a little smile in the morning, as well," says Freddy Stylez, an Electric 94.9 DJ.

The guys will be in Johnson City Friday morning at Mountcastle Drive and Roan Street.

All the money they raise goes to Susan G. Komen.

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