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Deadline approaching for outstanding citations

Outstanding citation deadline

Parking fines, speeding tickets -- no one likes them, but we pay them because we have to.

For some people in the Tri-Cities the time to do so is quickly approaching.

This Sunday is 'D' day: the final list of violators with unpaid citations in Johnson City will be submitted to the city's finance department, no questions asked.

That same list will then be submitted to a collection agency for further action.

Back in 2010 the Johnson City Police Department began contacting individuals to let them know they have an outstanding citation, but Major Garry Younger says that proved to be easier said than done. "All we have again is historical information," says Younger. "The last address that they lived at. If we're going to do a mail out, that's what'll take place there."

There are three kinds of violations the city continues to see -- parking violations, traffic offenses, and the running of red lights.

But one of these will cost you more than the price of the ticket if you wait to pay it. "The moving citation is the most serious if you were to prioritize. Because a moving citation, when you don't take care of that, you lose your driving privileges. So how important is it to you that you drive?" asks Younger.

If it's important to you, then you should also be mindful of the 232-page list the police department compiled.

To date, only about 2 percent of those citations have been paid, leaving about $1.5 million worth of unpaid tickets.

Now Johnson City leaders want people to pay up. "June 1 is when we take all the information on people who have violated. We turn it over to finance, and then turn it over to a collection agency. That collection agency is the National Recovery Agency," adds Younger.

If it goes that far, your tab goes up by 14 percent.

Let's say the original violation was $100; once the agency has control, you'll now be paying $114.

Johnson City police also tell us once all your outstanding violations are paid, you won't be bothered anymore. Your name will come of their list right away.

If you want to see if your name's still on that list, you can click this link:

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